An intensely bizarre tale of a mother who inhabits her husband’s suffocating behavior before falling into her own flawed maternal instincts. Centering around a disturbing performance by Christopher Denham, the film provides a dark and hopeless exploration of domestic violence. When the mother (Marianna Palka) challenges her husband (Denham), she commits her family to a most unsettling journey - a dreamlike chase through the nearby woods. The husband's pals (Michael Mosley and Ivan Sandomire) push the brutality of the film in their hunt to capture the mother. The film culminates in an absurd final scene, one that can only end in violence.

Project Title: "RESTIVE"
Production Company: Enemy House
Director: Jeremiah Jones
Cast: Michael Mosley, Marianna Palka, Christopher Denham, Ivan Sandomire, Connor Hill
Music Composer: Ben Lukas Boysen
Director of Photography: John W. Rutland
Post Production Facility: Stuck On On
Colorist: Parke Gregg